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EGF MRP Method

On Tuesdays and Saturdays, the golf course offers workshops based on the MRP method, a modern technique based on the latest scientific breakthroughs. 

Tuesday: 10:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 16:00

Saturday: 13:00 - 15:00 and 15:00 - 17:00

Groups of golfers made up of 4 to 8 players, will be able to grasp the basics of golf thanks to 2 hours session of intensive fun. 

It’s always nicer to take golf classes with friends or family and with the MRP method, which provides fun for beginners or those wishing to improve their game.  The technique is just as suited to beginners as to professionals.

If you choose the package of 10 two-hour sessions, the price will be €360

If you choose to take individual sessions, the price is €40 per session.

Sign up on the Ecole du Golf Français noticeboard located in the Pro Shop of Dolce Frégate Provence.

"Your swing is primarily a question of skill" 

The purpose of the MRP method, is to release players’ golfing potential, whatever their level, encouraging them to work intuitively and deploying unconscious automatisms. 

A different approach to golf, resolutely modern, purposeful, comprehensive, and based on the latest scientific findings. 

For beginners, you will burn through the stages, use the driver and play on the course from the first day.  «Beginner’s luck can be cultivated...» We have all seen beginners, without thinking and doing what their body tells them, managing to send the ball over 150 yards, all without premeditation. 

For confirmed players, the goal is to help you escape the trappings of technique, to eliminate wrong behavioral traits, which are a fertile ground for tensions, psychological blockages, and physical trauma. 

It is impressive to see how, in favorable conditions, you are capable of the best, and sometimes even capable of matching the champions. 

For professional players, the training accompanies them to develop their full potential; guiding them optimize performance at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The principles of the MRP Golf® method

Lionel Bérard has achieve a convergence between all sports. Particularly between the latest science discoveries in the field of modern training and so-called classical teaching. 

An innovative approach that has already been proven, which favors customization and allows everyone to progress according their own milestones. Each one of us "moves", "feels”, "thinks”, following preferences of the brain, regardless of our level. We encourage players to work with their intuitions, unconscious automation and their own forms of perception. 

MRP step 1 (Primary Rhythmic Movement)

This first step is to understand the action and rid our thoughts from unnecessary elements to refine our conception of our actions in all areas of the game. 

The simplest techniques are the most effective since they can be well understood and adapted. This stands true for all high-level athletes, their actions are guided by the combination of intuition, feelings and positive thinking.

MRP step 2 (Proprioceptive Reprogramming Mechanism)

This reprogramming stage takes into account the player’s experience and the adaptive nature of movement.

All these simple, easy and fun exercises allow players to build a new system of personalized sensory cues, stimulating good actions and reactions, without questioning the player’s functional approach.

This technique allows results to be achieved in no time, compared to the usual repetitions required to consolidate a new gesture, with less fatigue and less joint injury.

MRP step 3 using thought (Mental and Ritual Preparation)

"Your golf is a reflection of your thoughts. "

"If on the course, you visualize something, it's that thing that will be manifested and nothing else. However, if you don't want that thing then visualize something else...”

Considering that before addressing a shot the player must systematically engage in an ordered set of thoughts and behaviors, it is necessary to build a sequence of personal thoughts and actions before each shot on the golf course.

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