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Local Golf Clinic Formulas

The Golf Exclusive Academy offers a wide range of local membership for every level, on a weekly basis.

You can take advantage fo these packages to begin this new sport or even improve yourself on a regular basis all year long, near your home.

Join us at Dolce Fregate Provence Golf Club and play with the Golf Exclusvie Academy!


You've always dreamt of playing golf near your home, this dream comes true with our local membership formulae. A great way to learn to play golf at your rythm, according to your needs, time and objectives.

Friendness, nature, game, so many values you'll appreciate in this individual and team sport that you'll be familiar with very soon thanks to the expertise of our Golf Exclsuvie Academy and its team.

  • Goal:  First swings. Discover the different areas of golf (Swing Approaches Putting)
  • Public:  beginners aged 16 and over
  • Length: 5 collective course sessions/1 hour per week on Tuesdays or Saturdays 

It is time to play now!


Benefit from the Golf Exclusvie Academy and its expert team to work deeply on your strenghts and weaknesses and become an advanced golf players able to play easily on evry type of course in Europe and all over the world.

After this intensive program, you'll finally enjoy th most challenging courses as Frégate 18-hole, which is rejnowed to be very technical buit also an amazing course with extraordinary scenary.


  • Gain the right to access all golf courses.
  • More in-depth learning about the different aspects of the game 
  • Learning about the rules and ethics 
  • Gain independence on the golf course 


People who have taken the 5-hour Discovery Formula course (or equivalent) 


13 sessions of 90 minutes per week on Thursdays or Saturdays.


This program gives you the keys to performing well on the golf course.

  • Goal:  improve your index with personalised follow-up over several weeks 
  • Public: players with their green card, or an index, who want to improve their performances on the course   
  • Length: 10 or 15 sessions of 90 minutes per week on Saturdays  

Golf challenge (1h/1 session)                 


Discovery Formula (5 x 1h)


Green card Goal (15 x 90 mins)


Competition (15 x 90 mins)


Competition (10 x 90 mins)


The GEA workshops: one workshop per week, 90 minutes, €35 per person (maximum 3) 

Trackman: swing analysis radar allowing 26 types of data to be collected about the club functions and what the ball will do on its trajectory. 


  • Organisation
  • Ball position
  • Line of attack
  • Release
  • Contact point
Dolce Fregate Provence Resort****
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Dolce Fregate Provence Golf Club

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