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L'Ecole Du Golf Français : "Your swing is primarily a question of skill"

Naturally, we have set up our Golf Institute on one of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe in the south of France, which meets the strict requirements of our ECOLE DU GOLF FRANCAIS Quality Label in terms of course maintenance standards, variety of training situations and hospitality amenities.

From beginners to top level players

The EGF Golf Institute at Dolce Frégate Golf is more than a golf academy: it is a place for reflection, exchange, sharing, research and development of golf coaching from beginners to advanced players. A place where the individual skills and personalities of our coaches continue to develop through the MRP Golf® method. The Golf Institute offers an extraordinary experience comprising 4 themes that immerse the golfer in a range of tailor-made services.

Golf tourism

EGF is a travel agency that works to offer a selection of custom golf vacations, valuing a unique learning concept, which now stands as a benchmark in the field of Golf Health.

A sports project for the club

Accompanying the club’s best amateur golfers with a view to best preparing for competitions. Making our innovative concept based on the latest research in neuroscience available to young players to help them achieve their full potential.

Youth leader training

EGF Training also chose Dolce Frégate to set up its BPJEPS training organization in the PACA region, authorized by the Regional Directorate for Youth, Sports and Social Cohesion with permit number 16013HABBP0033.

Professionals at the service of enterprises
EGF is a specialist in organizing original golf-based entertainment and recreational activities for businesses, adapted to your expectations. From an introduction to golf to the organization of a Pro-Am tournament, our team of professionals will share their creativity, professionalism and good humor to make your golf event a true success. The keys to the performance: taking inspiration from high-level athletes, through the MRP Golf® method, we aim to build bridges between sports coaching and corporate values.

"Play your best golf by developing soft skills and know-how"

Under the management of Lionel BÉRARD a core of coaches was soon formed, trained in the MRP Golf® method and experts in different fields: technical, mental, physical, but also cross disciplines, osteopath, physiotherapist... The goal was to take in each area the most useful and successful tools, in order to train highly-skilled future golf players or coaches who are capable of adapting to a maximum of situations. GOLF MRP: gradual progress and improvement is achieved without stress, transforming concepts into knowledge and knowledge into skills. The method also reduces repetition time, developing effectiveness by suppressing unwanted gestures and speeding up decision-making, etc.


Whether you are a beginner or a confirmed player, the MRP Golf® classes are aimed at anyone searching for a simpler, more suitable technique, a more harmonious game, which promotes better consistency. Thematic courses are offered from time to time with the intervention of a physiotherapist or another expert such as physical or mental trainer etc.


Content of sessions

A session lasts two hours for beginner classes and three hours for the green card and intermediate levels, consisting of several workshops from putting to the full swing, from the green to the tee, in the opposite order as the game on the course. Intermediate level coaching classes always end on the course. The educational activities are varied, simple and fun. From workshops to workshops, the activities lead you to the full swing while avoiding boredom and routine. No endless practice sessions, but instead a subtly organized training approach to all aspects of the game.


Practical information

Each week 2 levels of training courses are held: beginner and intermediate. Training courses usually starts Monday and last 3 to 5 days. 2-day courses are held at weekends.

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