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The Golf Dolce Fregate Provence in South of France

The Dolce Fregate Provence Golf Club, in Saint Cyr sur Mer, welcomes you to the heart of vineyard and olive grove territory, with Provençal golf courses offering sweeping views over the Mediterranean. The golf course is located a short hop from Bandol, a seaside resort famed for its excellent AOC red or rosé wines, between Marseille and Toulon.

Two complementary golf courses for different players.

The Frégalon course is especially designed for beginner golf players who have just obtained their green card. A real golf course for practicing various key game techniques at each hole and providing you with an exceptional natural environment, with views of the sea.

The Frégate course is intended for more experienced players, challenging, highly technical, it demands certain skills and the desire to overcome challenges on certain holes. In return the course rewards you with its extraordinary scenery and numerous viewpoints over the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding islands.

The Dolce Fregate Provence also offers golf classes to be taken at the Golf Academy, enabling all players to improve their performance, particularly through one-on-one golf lessons.

Driving range, perfect for a weekend or week golf in France, is open every day from 7am to 8pm, except tuesday from 5:30pm.

Check out our annual golf rates and special offers on tee times.

Dolce Fregate Provence Golf Club in Bandol

Dolce Fregate Provence Golf 4-star resort in South of France

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Dolce Fregate Provence Golf Club

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