Frégate Golf Course, 18 Holes, Par 72

The FREGATE 6210m golf course (18 holes, par 72)

Undoubtedly, Ronald Fream has signed one of his most beautiful achievements in Dolce Frégate! Before experiencing this fabulous golf experience for yourself, we suggest you discover the layout of each of the 18 holes of the "Frégate" course. Golf enthusiasts in Provence will appreciate the incomparable beauty of the 18-hole golf course, considered one of the most beautiful courses in Europe, with 15 breathtaking viewspots of the Mediterranean Sea to visit in photos if you like! 

Set against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea, amid Bandol AOC vineyards, pine trees, rock gardens and more, the par 72 course features a varied and balanced route at the heart of Provence green landscape. It's one of the most appreciated golf courses in France.

In the heart of the vineyards and pines, the Frégate Par 72 course is characterized by a balanced and varied layout:

  • Hole no. 1 - Par 4 from 267 to 368 m - Handicap 7: Par 4 in slight dogleg. Focus on the left of the fairway, which will open the green, the attack will be simple. Avoid the right side even if on the left there is a bunker (shallow).
  • Hole no. 2 - Par 5 from 374 to 477 m - Handicap 17: Driver on the left side of the fairway, the slope will save you distance and will take you to the right to give you the possibility of attacking the green in 2 shots. Here again, the green is very little defended.

HOLE no. 3 - Par 3 from 134 to 155 m - Handicap 15 : The green being composed of 3 tiers, the choice of the club is very important : to remove 1 club length due to the difference in height. Once on the long because of several bunkers on the periphery of the green.

  • Hole no. 4 - Par 4 from 262 to 374 m - Handicap 5: Avoid driving on this hole, favoring a fairway wood club to the right of the fairway. The attack must also be done on the right while avoiding being too long because of several bunkers on the periphery of the green.
  • Hole no. 5 - Par 4 from 242 to 336 m - Handicap 1: Drive to the left of the fairway over the lake in order to have the widest possible attack on the green. Look out for the 2nd lake in front of the green.
  • Hole no. 6 - Par 4 from 176 to 303 m - Handicap 13: Drive to the left of the fairway bunker, the choice of the club on the 2nd shot is very important so as not to be too long, the uphill green and the rocks behind can quickly penalize ypu
  • Hole no. 7 - Par 5 from 414 to 511 m - Handicap 9: On this true par 5, humility remains the best option : drive to the left of the fairway to open the hole, then 2nd shot to the right of the fairway in order to counter the slope after an approach, will allow you to have a chance at a birdie.
  • Hole no. 8 - Par 3 from 106 to 176 m - Handicap 11: Be careful not to neglect the influence of the wind when choosing a club, hole clear and without great difficulty.
  • Hole no. 9 - Par 4 from 296 to 391 m - Handicap 3: Teeting off is not a problem. The attack of the green is more delicate due to the length of the second shot and the tree bunkers that defend it well.

HOLE No. 10 - Par 4 from 338 to 421 m - Handicap 4 : After taking advantage of the panorama for a moment on the left of the fairway, the bumpy fairway will guide you towards a simpler green attack. From the position of the flag : very deep green.

  • Hole no. 11 - Par 5 from 348 to 458 m - Handicap 8: Teeing off is without difficulty, the attack of the green for the longest players can be done in 2 shots favoring the left side towards the end of the hole. Once on the green, you will be rewarded by the beautiful view of the Big Blue, the Brusc peninsula and the islands.
  • Hole no. 12 - Par 4 from 303 to 409 m - Handicap 12: Difficult tee off due to the fairway bunker, drive more on the left side, the green is uphill and defended by 2 bunkers commits you to overclun on the 2nd stroke.
  • Hole no. 13 - Par 3 from 146 to 209 m - Handicap 10: Once again, the wind must be taken into account for the choice of the club. Attention to the 4 bunkers defending the green.
  • Hole no. 14 - Par 5 from 357 to 451 m - Handicap 16: Drive avoiding the tree well-placed in the middle of the fairway, the attack on the green will be difficult in 2 shots, on your approach watch out for the uphill green which can make your ball go down again on the outside.
  • Hole n ° 15 - Par 4 from 227 to 328 m - Handicap 18: A dogleg left par 4. 2 options are available to you on the hole either to drive to the right to get close as possible to the hole or by short game to stay in line with the green with attention to the choice of the club on this 2nd downhill shot. HB : behind the green.
  • Hole no. 16 - Par 3 from 67 to 123 m - Handicap 6: Par 3 with a double-plated green. A big bunker in front of the green. This green, like others, presents various slopes, making the hole difficult.
  • Hole no. 17 - Par 4 from 317 to 401 m - Handicap 2: Drive on the right of the fairway, for the second shot, opt for a longer club because the depression in front of the green visually distorts the actual distance.

HOLE no. 18 - Par 4 from 338 to 421 m - Handicap 14 : Dolce Frégate Provence Golf Club, hole no. 18, view of the hotel uphill par 4 with 7 waterfalls on the left one on the right. Place your driver more to the right. Place your driver more to the right, paying attention to the uphill green. Long strokes will be quickly penalized with a putt or a difficult downhill approach with the gaze of the golfers sitting on the Club House terrace.

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