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Golf Association at Fregate

A word from the Chairman of the Dolce Fregate Provence Golf Club Sports Association.

I discovered golf by chance during a stay at the Club Med Tennis club. It was a revelation! As if I'd been infected by a disease. It was in 1983. I've never found, or looked for, a remedy. I had the good fortune to live in the USA from 1986 to 1994 and to play golf and visit some marvellous courses.

And thus it was that on my return to Bandol Natal, I discovered the Fregate Golf Club. While the location is undoubtedly one of Europe's most beautiful, we are also lucky enough to have a course which is both interesting and requires the ability to hit every kind of golf shot. I had the fortune to take over the presidency of our sports association. As its name suggests, this association brings us together in the name of sport. This is the path down which I want to lead our association. Playing sport brings us all together under the banner of commonly held values:

  • The love of our sport
  • Respecting the etiquette that recalls the list of life rules on a course
  • Taking pleasure from playing this sport.

Through our teams, Juniors, Mens, Womens and Senior, I effectively seek to lead our Association forward in our league and, why not, nationally.

We shouldn't forget that our golf school has produced young talents such as Julien Millet, Alexander Levy, Thomas Boulanger, Lucie Malchirand and others on the brink of following in their footsteps.

I therefore hope you have a wonderful time with us! And if, God forbid, you can't find your ball after a misguided shot, look up and admire the place's natural beauty; you'll soon forget your golfing woes!

Philippe Levy

Chairman of the Association Du Golf De Frégate.

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