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Glossary of Fregate Golf Course


An Ace is when a hole is completed in a single shot, whether the hole is par 3, 5 or 5.


An Air Shot is a golfing term used when the golfer completely misses the ball. It is a ball in play that the golfer misses and the shot counts for the score and penalizes the golfer.


An approach shot is a shot where the player puts the ball as near as possible to the hole. In an approach shot, the golfer tries to put his ball on the green.


The apron is the area situated around the green itself. This area is cut shorter than the fairway and longer than the green, where the hole and the flag are.


On a golf course, the bunker is a sand obstacle, situated on the fairways. It can be placed on the fairway at a distance that a drive is likely to reach or in front or behind the green. When a golfer lands his ball in a bunker, he is penalized as the next shot is much more difficult to play.


The caddy is the person who carries the players' bags. Therefore the caddy accompanies the player on the course and may give advice on the game. Dolce Frégate Provence Golf does not provide the services of a caddy.


The driver is the club used by the golfer on the tee of any given hole on the course. It is also called a No. 1 wood, and is the longest and lightest golf club.   It allows the golfer to make the longest shots.


The driving range of Dolce Frégate Provence Golf is located at the entrance of the course, before the 1st Hole.  This is the training area, which allows the golfer to practice hitting balls before going on the course. The Dolce Frégate Provence Golf driving range consists of 50 individual open stalls available for golfers who wish to practice. The idea is to hit balls (not allowed on the course) without having to go and collect them. For this purpose, the golfer buys buckets of balls.


The fairway is the playing area of cut grass that lies between the tee and the green. It is the main playing area before reaching the green.


The term refers to the first half of an 18-hole course, i.e. the first 9 holes of the course.The term refers to the first half of an 18-hole course, i.e. the first 9 holes of the course.


The flag indicates where the hole is located at the center of the green on any given hole. It shows where the hole is, since the cup that the ball must enter is at the foot of the flag.


The cart or kart is a small electric vehicle designed for golfers. When the course is long, hilly, or presents difficulty to complete on foot, the golfer has the possibility of playing using an electric cart. Dolce Frégate Provence Golf has 50 golf carts.


A golf club forms part of the golfer's equipment. The club is what the golfer holds in his hand to hit the ball. The golfer can play with a full set of up to 14 clubs: including woods, irons, wedges and a putter. If the golfer carries more than the 14 clubs allowed in the rules, he will be penalized. You can buy your new golf clubs at the Dolce Boutique.


The Dolce Frégate Provence Golf, in Bandol, has two golf courses: this is the area where the courses are laid out. The Dolce Frégate Provence Golf offers the opportunity to play on two courses: Frégalon: 9 holes, Par 29, 1700m for beginners and Frégate: 18 holes, par 72, 6210m for more experienced golfers.


The green is the area where the flag is placed. It is a grass area which is cut very short where the hole is situated.  On this area, the golfer uses his putter to put the ball in the hole, indicated by the flag.


A Green Fee represents the amount that the golfer pays to have access to the golf course. It can be an 18-hole green fee, like on the Frégate course at Dolce Frégate Provence, or a 9-hole green fee, like on the Frégalon course: the 9-hole course of Dolce Frégate Provence Golf.  

Check the green fee rates at Dolce Frégate Provence Golf.


The green keeper is responsible for the maintenance of the course. The green keeper of Dolce Frégate Provence Golf leads a team of 15 gardeners and assistants, who ensure the good daily condition of the course, the correct cut of the fairways, aprons and greens, the watering of the course, the coring of the greens...


The index (formerly 'handicap') indicates the level of an amateur, non-professional golfer. When obtaining the green card, the golfer is given an index of 54, which allows him to play on an 18-hole course. The index of 54 is in fact equal to 18 holes with 3 shots above Par = 54 shots, which represents the golfer's index. The nearer the index is to 0, the better the golfer is. To play the 18-hole Frégate course comfortably, it would be advisable to have a minimum index of 32. A golfer with an index greater than 32 will have some difficulties playing the Frégate course, known as being difficult and hilly.


The Par is the theoretical number of shots needed to complete a hole or course. It is the reference for the golfer to take as a basis to play each hole on the golf course. This number is officially determined by the length and the difficulty of the hole or course. The Par for a hole varies from 3 to 5 shots and the Par for an 18-hole course varies between 70 and 72 shots in total. For the Frégate course, the 18 holes should ideally be completed in 72 strokes, so it is a Par 72 course. The Frégalon course should ideally be completed in 29 shots, so it is a Par 29 course.


The putting green is the area for practicing putting, located on the golf course. The golfer can hit balls on this area of short cut grass, such as the green (where the hole is).  The balls used here are normal golf balls used for putting. Dolce Frégate Provence Golf has two putting greens, one near the driving range, the second next to the 18th hole in front of the Dolce Frégate Provence hotel.


The swing is the movement made by the golfer to hit the golf ball.


The tee time is the term that indicates the starting time for a golfer on the first hole of the course. A golfer books his tee time at the pro shop. You can book your tee time at the Dolce Frégate Provence Golf by completing the online green fee booking form.


Woods are part of the set of clubs used by golfers. It is a club used for hitting long shots.Woods are part of the set of clubs used by golfers. It is a club used for hitting long shots.

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