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Created in Paris in 2004, Omnisens Paris was originally a great spa "where the sensoriality and nature was au rendez vous and where everyone could come and enjoy a moment of well-being," said Joëlle Guillemot, founder Omnisens.

Omnisens means "all the senses". Sensoriality and the awekening of the senses are the main priorities for the designer of the brand. According to her, it is necessary to awaken the senses with the scent, the texture, the touch, the gluttony to create a real sensory pleasure and allow access to imidiate well-being.

The brand must mix luxury and simplicity : subtle alchemy of natural assets, noble perfumes, treatment excellence with soft and precise gestures express the simplicity of the brand.

She is also committed to respecting nature. This is an important source of inspiration for the founder: 90% of the ingredients are natural and paraben free. The brand is also committed to using recyclable materials and the waste management is done by filtering gardens to remain in an eco-friendly perspective.

To promote French "savoir-faire" and respect its quality and innovation requirements, the formula of the cosmetics range are exclusive to the brand and developed in France in an expert laboratory that benefits from the latest research on the effectiveness of natural assets.

To have a unique moment of well-being just for you, do not hesitate to come and test the care offered by this brand at the Fregate Spa.

Discover the treatment card of Spa Frégate Provence, in Bandol.

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